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Poll: How many Slaughter Supporters have you dumped?

Let’s do a poll to see how many slaughter lovers we’ve collectively dumped while informing them so they understood clearly they were being dumped because they support slaughter. This is a very necessary part of  advocacy for horses, for the … Continue reading

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SPOTLIGHT: Michael Martin Murphey, musician

Shame, shame, shame on sham horse lover and 70s singer, Michael Martin Murphey. Check out United Horsemen’s Slaughter Summit web site where a long disjointed recommendation letter from Michael Martin Murphey, the singer of the 70s hit “Wildfire” appears. Who … Continue reading

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SPOTLIGHT: Mindy Patterson

A recent browse of the official Horse Eaters and Wild Horse Haters web site, United Horsemen, reveals a few new names in their list of leaders, those entrusted to carry forward the sickening goals of opening horse slaughter houses in … Continue reading

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Boycott Contributors to the United Organizations of the Horse

For more detail on the history of the Summit and how it’s connected to via its organizers to the United Organizations of the Horse (UOH), there’s a little history review here. For the first year UOH was around, they published … Continue reading

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Boycott the Leaders of Horse Slaughter Summit Organizers & a Little History

A little history: “Slaughterhouse”* Sue Wallis and her sidekick, Dave “Doink”* Duquette dreamed up their initial fantasy group of fellow slaughter lovers and called it “”United Organizations of the Horse” (UOH) a couple of years ago.  They added these affiliated … Continue reading

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Whining is not going to work: WE WILL Vote with our Dollars

It was bound to happen. It was amazing, though, to have it happen so quickly. Must have hit a nerve…. We knew we’d have nasty comments and threats coming from some of the slaughter lovers and wild horse haters but … Continue reading

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Public Information is Public

DISCLOSURE: All names on this blog are CONFIRMED as Sponsors, Speakers, Leaders, Participants or Members of the organizing entities (United Horsemen, United Organizations of the Horse, Unified Equine) planning and promoting the Slaughter Summit fest. CONFIRMED means their names have … Continue reading

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