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Poll: How many Slaughter Supporters have you dumped?

Let’s do a poll to see how many slaughter lovers we’ve collectively dumped while informing them so they understood clearly they were being dumped because they support slaughter. This is a very necessary part of  advocacy for horses, for the … Continue reading

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Boycott the Leaders of Horse Slaughter Summit Organizers & a Little History

A little history: “Slaughterhouse”* Sue Wallis and her sidekick, Dave “Doink”* Duquette dreamed up their initial fantasy group of fellow slaughter lovers and called it “”United Organizations of the Horse” (UOH) a couple of years ago.  They added these affiliated … Continue reading

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Public Information is Public

DISCLOSURE: All names on this blog are CONFIRMED as Sponsors, Speakers, Leaders, Participants or Members of the organizing entities (United Horsemen, United Organizations of the Horse, Unified Equine) planning and promoting the Slaughter Summit fest. CONFIRMED means their names have … Continue reading

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