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Business formed along with sister organizations, United Organizations of the Horse and Unified Equine which is focused on building slaughter houses to slaughter American horses

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis & protege “Devil” Dave Duquette show their HATE, again

If you love horses, you must know that roping them, causing them to trip while they gallop, is abuse. Plain and simple – anyone with half a brain can figure out that a thousand pounds at 20+ mph being stopped … Continue reading

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SPOTLIGHT: Mindy Patterson

A recent browse of the official Horse Eaters and Wild Horse Haters web site, United Horsemen, reveals a few new names in their list of leaders, those entrusted to carry forward the sickening goals of opening horse slaughter houses in … Continue reading

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Boycott the Sponsors of Horse Slaughter Summit II

Well, well, well, the list of sponsors seems to change daily. Our last report updated you on early December and mid-December sponsor listings. We’ll continue to report the latest incarnations reflecting new names and dropped names right here . Check … Continue reading

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Public Information is Public

DISCLOSURE: All names on this blog are CONFIRMED as Sponsors, Speakers, Leaders, Participants or Members of the organizing entities (United Horsemen, United Organizations of the Horse, Unified Equine) planning and promoting the Slaughter Summit fest. CONFIRMED means their names have … Continue reading

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