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Leaders of the following groups behind the Slaughter Summit:
United Organizations of the Horse
United Horsemen (United Horsemen’s Front)
Unified Equine
Summit of the Horse
These groups have publicized the fact that they want to bring back legal horse slaughter in the US instead of helping work for increased accessed to humane euthanasia performed by licensed vets. They have also taken the public position that there are too many wild horses on public lands in the US even though statistics from the BLM clearly show wild horses will be nearly extinct within the next couple of years due to BLM’s accelerated rate of assault (roundups and contraception) on free roaming wild horses.

American Bullies Break Hearts Worldwide

Straight Talk about the BLM’s Gross Mismanagement and           Abuse of America’s Wild Horses, their Excuses and                        HOW YOU CAN SPEAK UP — be sure to Read More for all the details….. We haven’t written much about the “other” category … Continue reading

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SPOTLIGHT: Mindy Patterson

A recent browse of the official Horse Eaters and Wild Horse Haters web site, United Horsemen, reveals a few new names in their list of leaders, those entrusted to carry forward the sickening goals of opening horse slaughter houses in … Continue reading

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Boycott the Leaders of Horse Slaughter Summit Organizers & a Little History

A little history: “Slaughterhouse”* Sue Wallis and her sidekick, Dave “Doink”* Duquette dreamed up their initial fantasy group of fellow slaughter lovers and called it “”United Organizations of the Horse” (UOH) a couple of years ago.  They added these affiliated … Continue reading

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Boycott the Speakers for the Horse Slaughter Summit

Just like the published sponsor lists, the speaker lists change too. Here are two recent lists of speakers who’ve promised to appear at the bloody horse slaughter summit fest: From the United Horsemen Press Release of 11/11/10 here:—Temple-Grandin-confirmed-to-speak-at-Summit-of-the-Horse.html?soid=1103685263837&aid=nBMGmdOJqZ8 CONFIRMED … Continue reading

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