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As horse owners, lovers and advocates, we take a stand against horse slaughter and against the mismanagement of America's Wild Horses & Burros by the BLM, an agency run by horse haters, ranchers and public lands users who want to eliminate wild horses in the wild. It's clear there are evil greedy people who want to kill horses in order to line their pockets with blood money and it's clear that our own government fails to see the national treasure we have in free roaming wild horses. We stand against these people and their actions against our horses, domestic and wild. This blog has been set up specifically to help others determine who these horse haters are so they can boycott them and be aware of their evil intentions through publication of their identity here. Anyone who has publicly confirmed support for horse slaughter or the elimination of America's wild horses is fair game - they may very well be promoted in all their evil ugliness right here for all the world to see.

A Prayer Shared, an affirmation of Strength & Committment

These past few weeks have been like a nightmare with news coming daily, sometimes hourly, of more horrific developments that could harm our wild horses or make horse slaughter even more of an American shame. The warriors against the planned … Continue reading

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American Bullies Break Hearts Worldwide

Straight Talk about the BLM’s Gross Mismanagement and           Abuse of America’s Wild Horses, their Excuses and                        HOW YOU CAN SPEAK UP — be sure to Read More for all the details….. We haven’t written much about the “other” category … Continue reading

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Poll: How many Slaughter Supporters have you dumped?

Let’s do a poll to see how many slaughter lovers we’ve collectively dumped while informing them so they understood clearly they were being dumped because they support slaughter. This is a very necessary part of  advocacy for horses, for the … Continue reading

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Do you know who supports Horse Slaughter?

If you know, what are YOU doing about it? With the March 27, 2011 world premiere of the well received independent film, Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed, which focuses upon the ugly business of horse slaughter,  this list … Continue reading

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“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis & protege “Devil” Dave Duquette show their HATE, again

If you love horses, you must know that roping them, causing them to trip while they gallop, is abuse. Plain and simple – anyone with half a brain can figure out that a thousand pounds at 20+ mph being stopped … Continue reading

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SPOTLIGHT: Michael Martin Murphey, musician

Shame, shame, shame on sham horse lover and 70s singer, Michael Martin Murphey. Check out United Horsemen’s Slaughter Summit web site where a long disjointed recommendation letter from Michael Martin Murphey, the singer of the 70s hit “Wildfire” appears. Who … Continue reading

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SPOTLIGHT: Mindy Patterson

A recent browse of the official Horse Eaters and Wild Horse Haters web site, United Horsemen, reveals a few new names in their list of leaders, those entrusted to carry forward the sickening goals of opening horse slaughter houses in … Continue reading

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