Being a humane person, have you ever wondered exactly who was behind the sickening promotional efforts of Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette in their evil quest to have horse slaughter made legal and readily available in the US? Ever wondered if the book or art or saddle you are buying is putting money in the pocket of a wild horse hater who fully supports stripping nearly all our wild horses off our public lands because they are “inferior”, “feral” or “culls”? If you love horses like we love horses, we are positive you will want to make sure that every penny you spend never goes into the pockets of these kinds of people. Proving how slippery they are, we have found that many of these horse haters and promoters of slaughter actually try to appear to be “for” the horses but that facade falls away when one realizes they are financially invested in the promotion program and speak out for this atrocity.

That disclosure is what this blog is all about. This blog will publish everything we know about where you should not spend your money if you want to help stop the slaughter promoters and the wild horse haters in their tracks. We will list them all, not one will be excluded if their support for slaughter and the ongoing BLM assault and removal of the vast majority of America’s Wild Horses has been  disclosed publicly. Included are: horse trainers and clinicians, tack and equipment sellers, cowboy poets, singers and artists, realtors, builders and developers, insurance and lawyers, breeders and breed registries, ranches and training barns, horse councils and organizations (some which actually LOOK like they are humane but are exactly the opposite), wildlife groups and hunting clubs. In other words, we will do our best to make sure you are well-informed so that you never have to worry you have inadvertently assisted these monsters in their quest for bloody horse slaughter by unknowingly patronizing them.

We hope you will subscribe to our blog and read all our posts so you can inform yourself  and never make the mistake of supporting the people who are out to bring back all out horse slaughter in the US and to support and assist BLM in removing our living historical icons, the American Wild Horses, from our Western public lands. Thanks for visiting, we hope you’ll tell all your friends about our lists and come back soon!


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