Do you know who supports Horse Slaughter?

If you know, what are YOU doing about it?

With the March 27, 2011 world premiere of the well received independent film, Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed, which focuses upon the ugly business of horse slaughter,  this list of slaughter supporters came to light once again where it was included by the filmmakers as a resource on their excellent website.

But this isn’t news, this list has long been published on the original website of Slaughter Supporter Sue Wallis, The United Organizations of the Horse (UOH). This list was Sue’s triumphant assertion back in early 2009 when she formally went on the warpath to promote the slaughter of America’s horses that there were plenty of American entities and individuals supporting horse slaughter. You can see Sue’s list on her  old UOH website here – these lists are nearly identical.

So…. what does this mean? It means as anti-slaughter advocates, we must ensure we are not patronizing or supporting these identified organizations in any way. If we have been, we need to contact them, tell them why we are removing our support so that they might think about what they have to lose by continuing to stand for and promote the slaughter of America’s horses.

Please take time today to review this list and take action by cutting all support and notifying the offender exactly why you have taken this action. Only when these folks realize that we mean business – that their business will suffer without us – will we begin to make a serious difference in this despicable support for cruel inhumane slaughter which also includes the poisoning of the hapless, naive consumers of horse meat for the benefit of the greedy slaughter mongers who are only looking for a few more pieces of gold for their pockets.


Entities that are on record as opposing H.R. 503 and S. 727, the prevention of cruelty to equines bills that would ban the slaughter of horses in the US for human consumption as well as prevent the export of live horses for the same purpose. :
Adams County Colorado Commissioners’ Office
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
Agribusiness Association of Iowa
Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference
American Horse League
American Trucking Associations
Alabama Cattlemen’s Association
Alabama Pork Producers Association
Alabama Quarter Horse Association
Alaska State Quarter Horse Association
American Angus Association
American Association of Equine Practitioners
American Farm Bureau Federation
American Feed Industry Association
American Horse League
American Meat Institute
American Meat Science Association
American Paint Horse Association
American Quarter Horse Association
American Sheep Industry Association
American Society of Animal Science
A Million
Anderson, Wayne—Wisconsin
Animal Agriculture Alliance
Animal Health Institute
Animal Welfare Council
Arabian Horse Association
Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association
Arkansas Quarter Horse Association
Arizona State Horsemens Association
Arizona Quarter Horse Association
Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America
Billings Livestock Commission
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Brewer, Debra—Missouri
California Cattlemen’s Association
California Farm Bureau
California Horse Council
California Pork Producers Association
California Thoroughbred Breeders Association
Cinder Lakes Ranch – Oregon
Colorado Cattlemen’s Association
Colorado Horse Council
Colorado Livestock Association
Colorado Outfitters Association
Colorado Department of Agriculture
Connecticut Quarter Horse Association
Council of State Governments-Midwest
Crop Life America
Delaware Quarter Horse Association
Empire State Quarter Horse Association (New York)
Enumclaw Sales Pavillion, Inc.
Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society
Faces of Agriculture
Federation of Animal Science Societies
Feld Entertainment Inc.
Florida Cattlemen’s Association
Florida Horse Council
Florida Quarter Horse Association
Ft. Worth Zoos
Fur Commission USA
Georgia Cattlemen’s Association
Georgia Quarter Horse Association
Grain & Feed Association of Illinois
Hawaii Quarter Horse Association
Holy Cow Performance Horses
Horsemen’s Council of Illinois
Horse Welfare Committee
Idaho Cattle Association
Idaho Horse Board
Idaho Horse Council
Idaho Quarter Horse Association
Illinois Beef Association
Illinois Department of Agriculture
Illinois Farm Bureau
Illinois Farmers Livestock Marketing Association
Illinois Pork Producers Association
Illinois Quarter Horse Association
Illinois Quarter Horse Racing Association
Independent Cattlemen’s Association of TX, Inc.
Indiana Beef Cattle Association
Indiana Grain & Feed Association
Indiana Horse Council
Indiana Quarter Horse Association
Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association
International Embryo Transfer Society
International Livestock Identification Association
Iowa Cattlemen’s Association
Iowa Pork Producers Association
Iowa Quarter Horse Association
Johnson, John & Marilyn-South Dakota
Kansas Grain & Feed Association
Kansas Livestock Association
Kansas Pork Association
Kansas Quarter Horse Association
Kansas Quarter Horse Racing Association
Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association
Kentucky Goat Producers Association
Kentucky Quarter Horse Association
Kentucky Sheep and Wool Producers Association
Laue, Mark & Jennifer-Wisconsin
Livestock Marketing Association
Louisiana Quarter Horse Association
Maine Quarter Horse Association
Maryland Cattlemen’s Association
Maryland State Quarter Horse Association
Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association
Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America
Michigan Agri-Business Association
Michigan Farm Bureau
Michigan Horse Council
Michigan Pork Producers Association
Michigan Quarter Horse Association
Michigan Department of Agriculture
Mid-America Horse Show Association
Miller, Julie & Timothy-Wyoming
Minnesota Pork Producers Association
Minnesota Horse Council
Minnesota Quarter Horse Association
Minnesota Quarter Horse Racing Association
Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association
Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association
Mississippi Quarter Horse Association
Missouri Cattlemen’s Association
Missouri Equine Council, Inc.
Missouri Pork Producers Association
Missouri Quarter Horse Association
Montana Horse Council
Montana Quarter Horse Association
Montana Stockgrowers Association
National Association of Counties
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
National Congress of American Indians
National Council of State Legislatures
National Chicken Council
National Cutting Horse Association
National Farmers Union
National Grain & Feed Association
National High School Rodeo Association
National Milk Producers Federation
National Pork Producers Council
National Reining Horse Association
National Tribal Horse Coalition
National Turkey Federation
Nebraska Cattlemen
Nebraska Pork Producers Association
Nevada Cattlemen’s Association
New Jersey Horse Council, Inc.
New Jersey Quarter Horse Association
New York State Council Inc
New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association
New Mexico Federal Lands Council
New Mexico Wool Growers, Inc.
North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association
North Carolina Department of Agriculture
North Carolina Farm Bureau
North Carolina Horse Council
North Carolina Pork Council
North Carolina Quarter Horse Association
North Dakota Quarter Horse Association
North Dakota Quarter Horse Racing Assn.
North Dakota Stockmen Association
Ohio Agribusiness Association
Ohio Cattlemen’s Association
Ohio Farm Bureau
Ohio Horsemen’s Council
Ohio Pork Producers Council
Ohio Quarter Horse Association
Ohio Department of Agriculture
Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association
Oklahoma Grain & Feed Association
Oklahoma Pork Council
Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association
Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association
Oregon Quarter Horse Association
Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association
Palomino Breeders of America
Parker Horse Company, Inc.
Pennsylvania Equine Council
Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association
Percheron Horse Association of America
Pichler, Shaun-Montana
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
Public Auction Yards—Billings
Quarter Horse Association of Nebraska
Quarter Horse Racing Association of Indiana
Radosevich, John-Wyoming
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association
Sankey Rodeo Company
Schwartz, Jim-Wyoming
Simon Horse Company
South Carolina Quarter Horse Association
Southeastern Livestock Expo
South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association
South Dakota Quarter Horse Association
South Dakota Pork Producers Council
South Dakota Trucking Association
State Ag and Rural Leaders
Ted Robinson Working Cow Horses
Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association
Tennessee Equine Council
Tennessee Quarter Horse Association
Tennessee Walking Horse Association
Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association
Texas Farm Bureau
Texas Cattle Feeders Association
Texas Grain & Feed Association
Texas Horse Council
Texas Pork Producers Association
Texas Quarter Horse Association
Texas & Southwest Cattle Raisers Assn.
Texas Department of Agriculture
Texas Veterinary Medical Association
United Egg Producers
United Horsemen’s Front
United Sioux Tribes of South Dakota
U.S. Animal Health Association
U.S. Export Meat Federation
Utah Cattlemen’s Association
Utah Pork Producers Council
Utah State Quarter Horse Association
Vermont Quarter Horse Association
Virginia Cattlemen’s Association
Virginia Farm Bureau
Virginia Department of Agriculture
Virginia State Horse Council
Virginia Pork Producers Council
Virginia Quarter Horse Association
Van Eiken, Tineke-South Dakota
Von Dohlen, Carol—Utah
Wallis Ranch-Wyoming
Washington Cattlemen’s Association
Washington State Quarter Horse Association
Waters, Carol-Iowa
West Virginia Quarter Horse Association
Wisconsin Horse Council
Wisconsin Pork Association
Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association
Wisconsin State Horse Council, Inc.
WyoAg Coalition
Wyoming Farm Bureau
Wyoming Horse Council
Wyoming Stock Growers Association
Wyoming Quarter Horse Association
Zamrzla, Johnny-California


About Friend to Horses

As horse owners, lovers and advocates, we take a stand against horse slaughter and against the mismanagement of America's Wild Horses & Burros by the BLM, an agency run by horse haters, ranchers and public lands users who want to eliminate wild horses in the wild. It's clear there are evil greedy people who want to kill horses in order to line their pockets with blood money and it's clear that our own government fails to see the national treasure we have in free roaming wild horses. We stand against these people and their actions against our horses, domestic and wild. This blog has been set up specifically to help others determine who these horse haters are so they can boycott them and be aware of their evil intentions through publication of their identity here. Anyone who has publicly confirmed support for horse slaughter or the elimination of America's wild horses is fair game - they may very well be promoted in all their evil ugliness right here for all the world to see.
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21 Responses to Do you know who supports Horse Slaughter?

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  2. Diane Symons says:

    After reading this list…they don’t have a chance. I feel right now so neg. about ever saving them. We are little people unless we get all Americans over 300 thousand of us to protest this slaughter. There is not enough of us to make a dent. All the Wild Horses are going to slaughter…this is the cattlemen’s business…The gov gives them permission. We need people, and we don’t have enough….still I will continue on…I am shocked to see who is on this list I am not shocked regarding the cattle men but I am others…American Quarter Horse….to many approve….and this includes the gov. This includes the President. Yet we donate to the Humane Society and other organizations to help stop and they do nothing. Just take the money. The average guy can only do so much. WE don’t have the $ to help them all. This is so sad it is like they targeted the horses the very animal that build this nation. Betrayed yes they are.

    • Kama says:

      It looks like the AQHA in every state is on the list. WTF??? You know every little Creek runs together to make a river. Stand together and keep up the good work.

  3. Jan Schultz says:

    Call each one in your state. I did. But I had it a bit easier, my state (CA) outlawed slaughter – and the entities listed in California were surprised and did take action to get off the list, having never approved adding their name. Turns out if the national parent of a state organization endorsed or did not oppose HR503, United Horsemen published their names. Another twisting of the truth to their benefit. So check out the list – make some calls and then you’ll know who the real problem organizations are.

  4. Put Sue Wallis at the TOP of every Pro Horse Slaughter list , she is the QUEEN after all , the Queen of North America , the horse slaughter Queen .

  5. Lynn Holmes says:

    My God, theres an army of them, shocking.

  6. Judith Hamilton-Schultze says:

    We who love our wild and domestic horses dearly will have an impact on these organizations. We may be small but we are mighty strong and we will pursue justice on behalf of all our horses we have lost to slaughter, round ups. We we never forget them because that is what we do. We are here to protect and defend our horses from this horrible fate. We must speak up for them. We are their voice. This includes all animals but for this we are warriors who believe we can make a huge difference for all of them. We will not stop fighting to protect all of them. We will not give into horse haters or slaughter blood thirsty groups out there.
    We can change and have an impact on saving our wild and domestic horses because we believe in their choice to be free and roam. We must give our horses that chance for living free without being tormented by man. God Bless our wild horses and burros across this nation and the world. Remember we will conquer saving one horse and burro at a time. We can make a difference every minute of the day and night. So carry on my dear friends who are deeply committed to saving our horses and burros. We will win this battle. It is a tough one but we can save our horses. We must be smart and think of solutions to help them. Come intelligent people listen to your horses wishes and listen to them, they will tell us. We have to listen carefully to them. They need us all to help them. They are crying out for our help and we can help them. We must have to figure out the logistics to help our horses. Remember we will help them. We must band together just like they band together. We are one in the spirit. We unite with them. God Bless us to help them. Amen my prayer.Judith. Thank you dear Lord for helping us to help our wild horses and burros. Please keep them all safe and give us the strength, income and energy carry on. We will not stop saving our horses. We are bonded for life until death do us part.

  7. *** Important List Here ***

  8. thay still need us to help them horses all over the world need us speak for them and be there voice

  9. i have the joy of a paint filly and i will not register her because of apha supporting slaughter. i don’t need a piece of paper to know my girl is special. she is a gift from our Creator, so i call her HeavenlyHolly. i didn’t know there was a HeavenlyHolly in the quarterhorse registry back in the 70’s. i’m sure she’s in heaven now and doesn’t mind i call my girl by her lovely name!

  10. Diana Potter says:

    Most of these are Ag related orgs, not too surprisingly. They have all jumped on the “cattle, pigs, chickens will be next” band wagon. The pro side is always accusing the anti-s of not being horse owning, industry related individuals, sounds like they are projecting to me. What does the pork or cattle industry have to do with horses?

  11. Naomi Gaitan says:

    Thanks, Jan Schultz, was shocked to see TX Farm Bureau on this list. Have contacted them to verify. Appalling that so many on list should be organizations that support these bills. Gotta keep up the fight!

  12. Suzanne Moore says:

    In light of Sue Wallis’ latest insanity – trying to discredit Dr. Marini, the FDA, USDA and the EU for their strict policies of banning bute from the food chain – we need to ask our legislators and these other cattle/Ag groups if they intend to do nothing while Wallis destroys the reputation of our food safety regulations and raises questions about other meat producers who have no problem selling contaminated horses for human consumption.

    If contaminated horses aren’t a problem for them, why would they worry about contamination in other meat? I our meat producers want to increase/maintain an export market, they need to get OFF this bandwagon.

    If we don’t shut if down ourselves, the EU will do it for us – and maybe other meat products as well.

  13. Adrienne Benson says:

    I’m shocked to see The American Quarter Horse Association on the list. I’ll no longer keep my membership with them, nor will I patronize AQHA shows.

  14. hoofhugs says:

    Hi. I just discovered your blog while researching Mindy Patterson’s latest assault on the sensible. Only two weeks ago I met with the executive director of the NC Horse Council who insisted that the NC Horse Council is neutral. I clearly remembered reading some comments to the effects that Representative Sue Wallis is working for us in 2010, so I was a bit stunned by the denial. I told her I had read about the pro-slaughter position on the pages on both NC and the American Horse Council page, and she told me that they needed to present both sides. She told me that I would not find anything on the Internet that stated they were pro-slaughter, but low and behold, here is your list. I haven’t been able to find some of the previous posts. I hope that I can pull them up from an earlier computer. Keep up the good work.

    • Dear hoofhugs,

      Thank you for your comment. We just want to make it perfectly clear that every list on this blog was taken directly off the multiple versions of the websites set up by United Organizations of the Horse and United Horsemen since the inception of UOH. We have copies of those website pages. Lately we have noticed that many of these lists are now mysteriously no longer being published by the horse eaters. We can only guess they are afraid too many American horse lovers will find out who to boycott when they read who supports this evil called horse slaughter. Thanks again for the comment, it reminds us it’s time to post some new lists exposing more of the evil ones now that the horse eaters are planning their second Slaughterfest Scummit in OK this spring.

  15. Emily says:

    Looks like I have a lot of emails to write. This list may be large but these persons, councils and associations are missing one very important thing. Love for their horses. I don’t want to sound all mushy gushy but if they are willing to hand their horses over to a cruel end what right do they have to call themselves horse lovers? Also there are more people in this country then those listed, people who do love horses and oppose slaughter. I am not intimidated at all, I will keep fighting no matter what.

  16. My daughter suggested this site, and she is completely right
    keep up all your excellent work!

  17. Tom says:

    I have always said they don’t care how many people they poison as long as they make a buck.

    Here is the first warning to a horse killer from the FDA for falsified EID and the horse was positive for bute.
    Horse Owner Survey Shows NSAID Use Trends
    In a recent survey, 96% of respondents said they used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to control the joint pain and inflammation in horses, and 82% administer them without always consulting their veterinarian. More than 1,400 horse owners and trainers were surveyed to better understand attitudes toward NSAIDs, in a project sponsored by Merial, the maker of Equioxx (firocoxib).
    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – prohibited as well Phenylbutazone, known as “bute,” is a veterinary drug only label-approved by the Food & Drug Administration for use by veterinarians in dogs and horses. It has been associated with debilitating conditions in humans and it is absolutely not permitted for use in food-producing animals. USDA/FSIS has conducted a special project to for this drug in selected bovine slaughter plants under federal inspection. An earlier pilot project by FSIS found traces less than 3% of the livestock selected for testing, sufficient cause for this special project. There is no tolerance for this drug in food-producing livestock, and they and their by-products are condemned when it is detected. Dairy producers must not use this drug in food-producing livestock and if it is found, those producers will be subject to FDA investigation and possible prosecution.

  18. comedyflyer says:

    Wish there was a comprehensive list like this for Canada. I was watching Animal Planet the other night & was overwhelmed by the amount of FRESH raw horse meat served in zoos all over the world There are so many subsidiary businesses literally feeding off of this revolting industry of horse slaughter. Alligators that were fed horse meat got very sick…yet people like Sue Wallis want to sell it for human consumption….One can only hope she eats some of the toxic meat.

  19. Elaine Brown says:

    American Horse Slaughter is the use of Public Money for Private Profit for Poisoned Product for Foreign Markets.

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