Public Information is Public

DISCLOSURE: All names on this blog are CONFIRMED as Sponsors, Speakers, Leaders, Participants or Members of the organizing entities (United Horsemen, United Organizations of the Horse, Unified Equine) planning and promoting the Slaughter Summit fest. CONFIRMED means their names have been published as “supporters” (in one or more of those capacities listed above) by the Summit promoters on the various Summit propaganda pages. In some cases, individuals listed here have publicly promoted themselves as attendees or supporters of this event or have self-identified as pro-slaughter and/or anti-wild horse.

Regardless, when someone attends, supports or promotes the Slaughter Summit, it implies their support of the stated goals of the promoters: to bring back legal horse slaughter in the US, feed toxic horse meat to humans and pets, and to press for accelerated decimation of America’s Wild Horses from our wild lands by the BLM via more roundups, more birth control. These goals are clearly stated on the Summit site and on their associated sites (United Horsemen, United Organizations of the Horse, Unified Equine websites, press releases, Facebook pages and on those of the principals planning this bloody slaughter celebration, Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette). Heck, some of these people, published here as a public service on this blog and published on the aforementioned sources, along with their friends, have even been discovered on their public Facebook pages and in public Facebook groups, opining that they would like to eat a horse burger or they’d like to go out on the range and remove the wild horses themselves, even though that is illegal.

Bottom line: public information is public, period. If we find it, we will publish it.


About Friend to Horses

As horse owners, lovers and advocates, we take a stand against horse slaughter and against the mismanagement of America's Wild Horses & Burros by the BLM, an agency run by horse haters, ranchers and public lands users who want to eliminate wild horses in the wild. It's clear there are evil greedy people who want to kill horses in order to line their pockets with blood money and it's clear that our own government fails to see the national treasure we have in free roaming wild horses. We stand against these people and their actions against our horses, domestic and wild. This blog has been set up specifically to help others determine who these horse haters are so they can boycott them and be aware of their evil intentions through publication of their identity here. Anyone who has publicly confirmed support for horse slaughter or the elimination of America's wild horses is fair game - they may very well be promoted in all their evil ugliness right here for all the world to see.
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