Boycott the Speakers for the Horse Slaughter Summit

Just like the published sponsor lists, the speaker lists change too. Here are two recent lists of speakers who’ve promised to appear at the bloody horse slaughter summit fest:

From the United Horsemen Press Release of 11/11/10 here:—Temple-Grandin-confirmed-to-speak-at-Summit-of-the-Horse.html?soid=1103685263837&aid=nBMGmdOJqZ8

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS at 11/11/10 include:

  • Temple Grandin
  • John Falen – Public Lands Council
  • Steve Torbit – National Wildlife Federation
  • Larry Johnson – Nevada Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, formerly on BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board
  • Arlen Washines – Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition
  • Tim Amlaw – American Humane
  • Glenda Davis – Navajo Nation Veterinary Program
  • Frank Bowman – Horsemen’s Council of Illinois
  • Dennis Foster – Masters of Fox Hounds Assoc
  • Mindy Patterson – Alliance for Truth, campaign to defeat HSUS Missouri Prop B
  • Bill desBarre – Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada
  • Jennifer Wood – Humane Handling & Assessment Tool for Canadian Horse Processing
  • David Solum – Solum Brothers, breeders, Missouri
  • Ted Robinson – Renowned horse trainer
  • Ike Sankey – Sankey Pro Rodeo, Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc stock contractor
  • Johnny Zamrzla – California Horse Council
  • Bob Loomis – Oklahoma, National Reining Horse Assoc breeder and trainer
  • Bill & Jann Parker – Billings Livestock Horse Sale
  • Patti Colbert – Mustang Heritage Foundation
  • Joey Astling – USDA/APHIS Horse Slaughter Transport Program
  • Rob Leach – Australian horse trainer

SPEAKERS as of 12/15/10 per the Summit website — the slaughter lovers have even published photos of these speakers so everyone can see exactly who supports slaughter and hates wild horses, go have a look if you dare:

  • Bob Abbey -Director, Bureau of Land Management
  • Charlie Stenholm-Texas (retired U.S. Representative), lobbyist for agricultural & horse meat industry, policy advisor/lobbyist w/Olsson Frank Weeda, DC
  • Brian Sandoval -Gov-elect of Nevada, (or his designee), attorney
  • Tom Collins -Clark County Nevada Commissioner, rancher, horseman
  • Dr. Temple Grandin -professor Colorado St Univ, author, consultant
  • John Falen -Pres-Public Lands Council,comm’l cow-calf operator, Orovada, NV
  • Gary Moyer -Natl Assoc of Conservation Districts Board Member, owns tree growing operation in  NW Colorado
  • Steve Torbit -National Wildlife Federation, Regional Exec Director, Rocky Mountain Regional Center, Boulder, CO
  • Trent Loos -Faces of Agriculture, farmer, rancher, radio host, seedstock to pork producers & beef cattle, cutting
  • G.B. Oliver -Exec VP, Paragon Foundation
  • Claude Boissonneault -DVM, Natl Specialist, Red Meat Non-Ruminant Species Program,Policy Development Section,Meat Programs Division (MPD),Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • Bill desBarres -Exec Dir/Pres, Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada, chairman of the breeds & industry committee of the Alberta Equestrian Federation
  • Frank Bowman -Horsemen’s Council of Illinois, Missouri Fox Trotter breeder
  • Dennis Foster -Exec Dir, Masters of Fox Hounds Association, retired military intelligence officer, special operations and Provost Marshal, expert on the radical agenda of animal rights organizations, on Horse Welfare Committee & Unwanted Horse committee of the American Horse Counsel
  • Chris Gould -Canada, World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses, Pres-Canadian Warmblood Registry
  • Frank Losey -attorney OH & KY, AF JAG, pursues efforts to stop lobbying activities of the Humane Society of the U.S., represents dog breeders
  • Manuel Sada -Criadores de Caballos Deportivos Mexicanos AC, Mexico, in the sport horse industry in Mexico
  • Johnny Zamrzla -California Horse Council, reviving the California Horse Council, promotes PRCA rodeo and PBR events
  • Dr. Boyd Spratling, DVM – member BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Committee, large animal vet in Elko County, Nevada
  • Joey Astling -USDA Slaughter Horse Transport Program, Compliance Specialist for the Equine Transportation Program within USDA/APHIS/VS, lifelong horseman, does training, ranching and rodeoing
  • Rob Leach -Australia, horse trainer, eventing, showjumping, bronc riding, campdrafting, now @Whitney’s Wild Oak Ranch, Exeter, CA doing reined cow horse/cutting competitions
  • Bob Loomis -National Reining Horse Assn, AQHA breeders, reining, raises Longhorn cattle
    Bill & Jann Parker -Billings Livestock Horse Sales, monthly sales barn
  • Ted Robinson -Working Cow Horses, NRCHA, trainer, competitor, breeder
  • Ike Sankey -Sankey Pro Rodeos/Sankey Rodeo Co, Joliet, MT, stock contracting
  • David Solum-Solum Brothers, Mid America Equine Sales, AQHA breeder, involved in production and dispersal sales
  • Tyson Rope Larson-Nebraska State Senator, roping trainer, O’Neill, NB
  • Dave Duquette -Working Cow Horse Trainer, Pres-United Horsemen, AQHA breeder
  • Tim Amlaw -American Humane, VP/Dir-American Humane Certified, Denver CO, cattleman
  • Wade Cox -Colorado Rancher, Rangely, CO, over 65,000 acres, Douglas Creek Conservation District
  • Karen Budd Falen -Attorney/husband Frank, owner-Budd-Falen Law Offices, L.L.C.,Cheyenne, WY, former DOI/MMS employee, fifth generation rancher@family-owned ranch in Big Piney, WY
  • Katherine Minthorn Good Luck-Umatilla Tribe, Intertribal Agricultural Agency, Northwest Region, breeds and races AQHA, tribal liaison for United Horsemen and United Organizations of the Horse
  • Larry Johnson -Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife, Bighorn trophy hunter, former board member of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board
  • Ed Butcher -Montana State Senator (retired), rancher, businessman, prime sponsor for restoration of slaughter in the US
  • Mindy Patterson -Dir of The Cavalry Group, campaign manager for The Alliance for Truth campaign opposing Missouri 2010 Proposition B (puppy mill law) which passed, Cavalry fights against radical animal rights movement nationwide, Board of Directors of the Missouri Equine Council
  • Jason Smith -Warm Springs Tribe, Chairman Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition, Pro Team Bronc Rider, started wild horse racing competition in 1980s, stock supplier, works on “excess feral horses” on Indian land
  • Arlen Washines -Yakama Nations, works on “excess feral horses” on Indian land, past Chairman-Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition
  • Denissa Malott -Trail Ride Business Owner, Ozark Mountains of Arkansas
  • Dave Catoor -Cattoor Livestock Roundup Co, BLM roundup contractor
  • Jennifer Woods -Livestock Handling Specialist, Blackie, Alberta, Canada
    Jeri Dobrowski, photographer, writer, designer, editor, runs website vision of former DVM, cowboy entertainer Baxter Black (founding leader of United Orgs of the Horse and fellow slaughter lover/wild horse hater)
  • Sue Wallis -WY State Representative, Unified Equine, rancher, writer

About Friend to Horses

As horse owners, lovers and advocates, we take a stand against horse slaughter and against the mismanagement of America's Wild Horses & Burros by the BLM, an agency run by horse haters, ranchers and public lands users who want to eliminate wild horses in the wild. It's clear there are evil greedy people who want to kill horses in order to line their pockets with blood money and it's clear that our own government fails to see the national treasure we have in free roaming wild horses. We stand against these people and their actions against our horses, domestic and wild. This blog has been set up specifically to help others determine who these horse haters are so they can boycott them and be aware of their evil intentions through publication of their identity here. Anyone who has publicly confirmed support for horse slaughter or the elimination of America's wild horses is fair game - they may very well be promoted in all their evil ugliness right here for all the world to see.
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3 Responses to Boycott the Speakers for the Horse Slaughter Summit

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  3. Patty says:

    Any time people feel a threat to their way of doing things–they panic and do what they think they must do to save their way of life. It’s an obvious response to what is the growing empowerment of equine lovers and supporters that know there is a better way–people who have had enough of the runaway greed and mismanagement of our responsibility to the magnificent horse

    The horse “overpopulation problem” is a human created problem of over-breeding and mismanagement. We must and are changing things–this is the pressure the pro-slaughter and unconscious over-breeding advocates are feeling.

    I have been an advocate of the horse my entire life. I now speak professionally, write and teach about conscious marketing and behavior practices–the way of the future for the equine industry as a whole, and individuals as catalysts. My focus is education and reaching as many people as possible. The horse deserves our conscious engagement with them–and our help.

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