A Prayer Shared, an affirmation of Strength & Committment

These past few weeks have been like a nightmare with news coming daily, sometimes hourly, of more horrific developments that could harm our wild horses or make horse slaughter even more of an American shame. The warriors against the planned extinction of wild American horses by our own government and against the reopening of American horse slaughterhouses and the transport of American horses out of the US to slaughter have been responding day and night to thwart the evil doers, the wicked who wish to harm and kill. So many things have transpired, it makes it difficult to keep up but we have kept up and we will continue. We have and will  continue to affect change for the benefit of America’s equines. There is simply no stopping us.

So today, instead of the latest ugly news, we’d like to share this prayer, this statement of strength and commitment, with the many thousands working on behalf of the voiceless innocents. The following beautiful passage was left as a comment on this blog and we hope sharing it as a feature will help inspire those who may be a bit tired of all the ugly shenanigans put up by the wild horse haters and the slaughter lovers. Thank you, dear Janet Hamilton-Schultze, for reminding us who we are and what we will do, no matter what.

We who love our wild and domestic horses dearly will have an impact on these organizations (who support horse slaughter).

We may be small but we are mighty strong and we will pursue justice on behalf of all our horses we have lost to slaughter, to round ups.

We never forget them because that is what we do.

We are here to protect and defend our horses from this horrible fate.

We must speak up for them. We are their voice.

This includes all animals but for this we are warriors who believe we can make a huge difference for all of them.

We will not stop fighting to protect all of them.

We will not give in to horse haters or slaughter blood thirsty groups out there.

We can change and have an impact on saving our wild  horses because we believe in their right to be free and roam. We must give our wild horses that chance for living free without being tormented by man.

God Bless our wild horses and burros across this nation and the world. Remember we will conquer saving one horse and burro at a time.

We can make a difference every minute of the day and night.

So carry on, my dear friends, who are deeply committed to saving our horses and burros.

We will win this battle. It is a tough one but we can save our horses. We must be smart and think of solutions to help them.

Come, intelligent people, listen to your horses wishes and listen to them, they will tell us. We have to listen carefully to them. They need us all to help them. They are crying out for our help and we can help them.

We must figure out the logistics to help our horses. Remember we WILL help them.

We must band together just like they band together. We are one in the spirit. We unite with them.

God Bless us to help them.


my prayer,


Thank you dear Lord for helping us to help our wild horses and burros. Please keep them all safe and give us the strength, income and energy carry on. We will not stop saving our horses. We are bonded for life until death do us part.

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American Bullies Break Hearts Worldwide

Straight Talk about the BLM’s Gross Mismanagement and           Abuse of America’s Wild Horses, their Excuses and                        HOW YOU CAN SPEAK UP — be sure to Read More for all the details…..

We haven’t written much about the “other” category of horse haters on this blog up until now but today is the day that changes. Our friends over at The Persian Horse blog posted a heartbreaking article today that includes the sad and shaken reaction from a lifelong horse person in the UK to the plight of America’s wild horses and burros. The Persian Horse article includes video of this lady reacting to what she has seen, describing how it affects her. Also included in the article are  just a few videos  which chronicle some of these terrible abuses Americans have been allowed to view of the BLM’s oppressive campaign to remove as many mustangs and burros as possible from the American West.

Surely there would be even more footage of BLM’s carnage available in the public domain but BLM has clamped down on its own questionable wild horse activities as if they were running a top-secret military project instead of dealing with wild life. In fact, BLM is presently being sued, successfully so far,  for impeding First Amendment  rights by severely restricting access for Americans to observe exactly what  they are doing to the wild horses.

The Persian Horse  piece shows us an English horse lover who is devastated to have seen these videos depicting the horrific abuse and negligent inhumane methods used by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and their hired guns, the contractors,  to round-up America’s wild horses. And it shakes her to the core. Be sure to check out that article — it reflects reality as we personally know many world citizens who abhor the BLM and their cruelty to wild horses and burros.

People from all over the world wonder how a country as prosperous and advanced as America can cling to such blatant animal abuse and cruelty, tacitly approving it by embedding it within our own government. They wonder too why American advocates for wild horses and burros are not being heard by this President of “change” and “transparency” now sitting in a position of power. Tens, hundreds of thousands of advocates have asked President Obama for over two years now to stop this insanity and the response: A BIG FAT NOTHING.

So what exactly is BLM doing?

These BLM bullies have been killing and abusing wild horses during these roundups for years, from the date they took on the job after the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse & Burro Act took effect. In response to the bullying and killing, American wild horse advocates have continuously offered suggestions on how to be more humane and still get the job done of managing them but to no avail. BLM stubbornly rejects any advice, input or even an offer to help. Continue reading

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Poll: How many Slaughter Supporters have you dumped?

Let’s do a poll to see how many slaughter lovers we’ve collectively dumped while informing them so they understood clearly they were being dumped because they support slaughter. This is a very necessary part of  advocacy for horses, for the end to horse slaughter. If companies and organizations realize they are hurting their own ability to sell their products and services, repelling new business and throwing away existing business, well, they’ll begin thinking twice about how important it is for them to support slaughter.

Have you read all the posts on this blog which identify the Wild Horse Haters and Slaughter Supporters? These devils here on the pages of this blog are here for just one reason: to make you aware so you can quit giving them any support, stop doing business with them and tell all your friends and family to do the same.

Here is a recap of all the posts on this blog that will inform you with lists of those who are working to promote the slaughter of America’s horse – read these posts and then come back and take the poll:





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Do you know who supports Horse Slaughter?

If you know, what are YOU doing about it?

With the March 27, 2011 world premiere of the well received independent film, Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed, which focuses upon the ugly business of horse slaughter,  this list of slaughter supporters came to light once again where it was included by the filmmakers as a resource on their excellent website.

But this isn’t news, this list has long been published on the original website of Slaughter Supporter Sue Wallis, The United Organizations of the Horse (UOH). This list was Sue’s triumphant assertion back in early 2009 when she formally went on the warpath to promote the slaughter of America’s horses that there were plenty of American entities and individuals supporting horse slaughter. You can see Sue’s list on her  old UOH website here – these lists are nearly identical.

So…. what does this mean? It means as anti-slaughter advocates, we must ensure we are not patronizing or supporting these identified organizations in any way. If we have been, we need to contact them, tell them why we are removing our support so that they might think about what they have to lose by continuing to stand for and promote the slaughter of America’s horses.

Please take time today to review this list and take action by cutting all support and notifying the offender exactly why you have taken this action. Only when these folks realize that we mean business – that their business will suffer without us – will we begin to make a serious difference in this despicable support for cruel inhumane slaughter which also includes the poisoning of the hapless, naive consumers of horse meat for the benefit of the greedy slaughter mongers who are only looking for a few more pieces of gold for their pockets.


Entities that are on record as opposing H.R. 503 and S. 727, the prevention of cruelty to equines bills that would ban the slaughter of horses in the US for human consumption as well as prevent the export of live horses for the same purpose. :
Abandoned Horses.net
Adams County Colorado Commissioners’ Office
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
Agribusiness Association of Iowa
Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference
American Horse League
American Trucking Associations Continue reading

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“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis & protege “Devil” Dave Duquette show their HATE, again

If you love horses, you must know that roping them, causing them to trip while they gallop, is abuse. Plain and simple – anyone with half a brain can figure out that a thousand pounds at 20+ mph being stopped and dropped on a dime means major damage — if it were a vehicle being “dropped”, the damage would require thousands to repair. In this case, when it’s a living, breathing, feeling being, a horse, it means maiming to the extent they are forever crippled or even must be destroyed due to major extensive crippling injuries. That description is of a sport, a Mexican Rodeo “sport”, unbelievably, called “horse tripping”.

Horse Tripping is what the fringe extremists, Sue and Dave, are now supporting – the “right” for Nevadans to continue to abuse horses in Nevada in this way, the “freedom” to continue to engage in horse tripping — for the fun of it. The two miserable malevolent mental midgets are spearheading a lobbying effort to stop the Nevada bill now moving through the NV legislature to specifically outlaw such atrocities.

This is not the 19th century, Americans have spoken loudly and clearly in a growing voice over the past century stating that we do not condone willful injury to animals in the name of “culture” and “sport”. This sickening “tradition” of maiming and sometimes fatally injuring horses for the fun of it, “horse tripping”, in illegal in numerous states all over the US because it is cruel and inhumane. Continue reading

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SPOTLIGHT: Michael Martin Murphey, musician

Shame, shame, shame on sham horse lover and 70s singer, Michael Martin Murphey. Check out United Horsemen’s Slaughter Summit web site where a long disjointed recommendation letter from Michael Martin Murphey, the singer of the 70s hit “Wildfire” appears. Who knew he could be so callous and so confused? Here is an excerpt of his glowing letter of support for the horse eaters and bloody slaughter lovers:

…. Though I worked for Madeleine (Pickens) to lobby for the establishment of her Wild Horse Sanctuary (we need to keep wild horses off of the vast majority of public grazing lands), I have also clearly stated to her that I firmly oppose her position on closing down horse slaughter plants. Without horse slaughter plants, cruelty to horses actually increases.

In my way of thinking, the American public should try to save true wild horses( not feral horses), but the numbers to be saved should be firmly based on scientific reason.  Continue reading

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SPOTLIGHT: Mindy Patterson

A recent browse of the official Horse Eaters and Wild Horse Haters web site, United Horsemen, reveals a few new names in their list of leaders, those entrusted to carry forward the sickening goals of opening horse slaughter houses in America and encouraging people to eat horse meat (which is CARCINOGENIC, just a little detail you won’t hear from the horse eaters).  The United Horsemen were also the sponsors of the Summit of the Horse, that disgusting New Year’s celebration of horse slaughter held in Las Vegas this year, orchestrated by Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis & Dave Doink Duquette.

Our SPOTLIGHT, Mindy Patterson, takes the new position of Development Director. Seems a President and VP were not enough head honchos for the U-H, so they added Mindy to the mix. A cursory review of Mindy’s accomplishments and experience reveals some of Mindy’s experience and qualifications for helping to run the bloodthirsty campaign: Continue reading

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